Microderm corded setup

Easy Setup Steps

1 Remove the cover. Pull off the white head. Screw off the glass head.

2 From the device, pull the small glass top. Insert a cylinder sponge into the device and screw back the glass top. 

3 Screw back the large glass top you took off in step 1 and put back the white head as well.

4 Take one suction nozzle and open it. Install the small round filter and make sure it is secured in. Then put back the top on it to close the nozzle with the filter on.

5 Choose the head you want to use. Insert the nozzle in the head filter side first.

6 Screw the head (with the inserted nozzle) on the device.

7 Plug the power cord on the machine. Press and hold the power button to turn on

8 On the Led screen, choose your timing and the level of the suction you want 1, 2 or 3