LED Light Mask


Light therapy is a simple process in which a specific wavelength of light is projected into the skin. The light causes chemical reactions in the target area.  The key to light therapy is the wavelength of light as different colors (wavelengths) produce different chemical reactions within the cells.

Appolus Led Light Mask is a personal at-home device that uses different lights with their own wavelengths-Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Green Blue, and white- to help with some specific skin conditions. It may help to fight dull skin and blemishes, fade dark spots and smooth fine lines.



Red Light

It reaches deep down into all the layers of the skin where it triggers more collagen production. Collagen is what is responsible for the elasticity, firmness, and fullness of the skin. 

Blue Light

It may help to treat acne and minimize large pores.

Purple Light

It is a red and blue dual-band light. It combines the benefits of Red and Blue lights. 

Yellow Light

This light offers similar skin benefits as green and red light therapy.

Green Light

Green is a balanced color. This light is to use for uneven pigmentation and may help to fade dark spots.

Green Blue Light

This light offers similar skin benefits as green and blue light therapy.

White Light

It penetrates deep into the skin. This may help smooth fine lines.

How to use

1 Cleanse your face in order to remove anything that could block or interfere with the light.

2 Attach the 2 velcros to the Led Mask. Connect the wires to the battery control box.

3 Turn on by pressing the power Key, then press Start/Pause key, the Led mask lights

4 Press the Color key to select the type of color you want. Then press Select button Time and set up your time. 10 to 20 minutes is recommended. The intensity of light can be adjusted by + and –

5 Close your eyes and relax during that setup working time. 

6 When the time is up, the mask will turn off.

7 You may apply makeup or other skin care products immediately after.


Maintenance and care of your Led Mask

Put back the mask into the box after use

Clean the Leds by a damp cloth

The front face can be cleaned with water