Hot Compress


  • MINIMIZE FINE LINES and SAGGING. The suction stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin resulting in a smooth, rejuvenated and firm skin.
  • REDUCE ENLARGED CLOGGED PORES. Hot compress to open pores and vacuum suctions out sebum, oil, blackheads and whiteheads from pores. Different speeds to adjust the suction strength. Works as a comedo suction.
  • REMOVE BLACKHEADS and WHITEHEADS. The wand sucks out the blackheads with no downtime. It fades blemishes, uneven pigmentation, scars and other skin imperfections.
  • CUPPING and MASSAGE HEAD. Cupping stimulates the collagen production and elasticity.
  • HOT COMPRESS. Provides constant temperature of 110°F to open pores. To use this function, put the silicon hot compress head at the bottom of the device and turn on the Hot Compress button. At least 5 minutes of use is necessary to open pores. Hot compress is the red rubber head.


Unlock Your Glowing Complexion

Appolus Diamond Microderm is a professional-grade home device for a flawless glowing skin. It is made with high-quality materials to give you Spa results. Your best friend to fight skin imperfections ( Dull skin, scars, hyperpigmentation, age spots, etc.) and signs of aging ( fine lines, wrinkles, sagging).